Some technologies to make lapel pin

The material for lapel pins

The plating colors for metal

How to differentiate stamping from photo etching

Sandblasting and flat surface

Soft enamel and hard enamel, what is the difference?

What is epoxy?

I've never ordered these products before. How do I start?

I already have a design, how can I send it to you?

What is your minimum / maximum order?

Delivery time?

How can we make payment?

How to get your lowest price when place order?

What shape can my pin be?

What about trademarks and licenses?

Can a custom lapel pin or custom medal have two different plating options like gold and silver?

I’m confused what technology I should choose for my lapel pin. Can you help?

Why must there be borders around the colors and text on hard enamel and soft enamel pins?

What file types do you like for art?

What if I don’t like the pins after I receive them?

Can I request for making samples before you make all my lapel pins?